Is anyone else in San Diego tired of the Vista Print ads? You try to get 250 free business cards and you end up with $73 bill because you want it in color, without their logo and actually represent your branding. ExpectMarketing works with 3 Vendors only and we don’t keep it a secret.


We don’t keep secrets!

For luxury and high end printing: we use
 For standard printing (80% of our printing goes through this vendor)
 For local / rush printing we use

Why would we tell you our sources? Wouldn’t you just go to them for the printing cut out the “middleman”? True. You could. But we are able to get lowered rates with our volume, saving you money, plus, we get it right the first time! What does this mean to you? It means we take care of the order processing, instantly fix any printing errors, we know what to look for in files before submitting to avoid delays and we deliver to your place of business FREE of charge. Why risk a delayed print job for that trade show, or cutoff letters on your menu. No. Let us do it right the first time.

Let's get you some printed out!