CRM System Customization and Deployment

The one piece of software all businesses need, few deploy and even less understand. ExpectMarketing is here to give you a huge advantage above your competition by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to its full potential.


“I am small business” you say, “That’s only for large enterprises.” Sorry to be so blunt, but NO, that is wrong, wrong, wrong. As a small business YOU NEED CRM. We have affordable solutions to help you stay relevant to your customers, provide better service and retrieve valuable insight for future business decisions. In fact some CRM are free! We customize it to fit you then deploy and train you!


Although ExpectMarketing Specializes in helping small businesses in San Diego increase revenue, make sales, generate leads and succeed. A CRM system can REDUCE certain costs giving you back free money by becoming more efficient, more knowledgeable and more engaged with your customers.


Want proof? Take us for example: we practice what we preach. When you submit a request for a quote, you automatically receive a confirmation email, if opted in, you automatically get entered into our newsletter, you receive a welcome email. You are entered in our CRM database, get assigned to a team member, and team member gets an email, a text message and task to take care of your request. Everything is automated. I’ve reduced intake costs, reduced turnaround times, and increased customer satisfaction and experience! We can do the same for you.